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SHISHU BHARATI, a non-profit school located in Lexington and Walpole in Massachusetts and Nashua in New Hampshire, offers a broad spectrum of educational programs in the languages and culture of India for students of all ages.

The school's objective has been to develop a sense of well-informed cultural pride in students by introducing them to Indian arts, customs, languages, religion, history, geography, and current events. We are very proud to note that with the help of limited resources, the community's aspirations have so far been exceeded. We have over 600 students, over 100 teachers, and numerous volunteers. We have an evolving program in Indian culture, which is challenging because of the diverse background of teachers and students. We have ongoing language programs in Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, and Telugu. Programs in other Indian languages are being set up. In addition, we offer free yoga classes, for adults. To supplement language and culture classes, Shishu Bharati has an excellent library with hundreds of books. We also have extra curricular activities such as performances by artists, field trips, and occasional outdoor games. Our annual events like, Opening Day, Diwali, Holi, Kite Flying, 26th January celebrations, etc. have become big events to look forward to.

Our school is a bridge between the cultures of America and India, where ideas can freely flow from one side to the other. It has entered the phase of growth, which is stronger than ever before. To that end we need financial support to take on major projects such as the enlargement of our library, improved supply of educational materials, field trips, bringing in major exhibits or performing artists, and providing resources/training to dedicated teachers and volunteers.

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